Catherine Johnson - September 24, 2017


"Dr. Chen and his staff are awesome! I regained function back thanks to Dr. Chen! 


After suffering for many years with spinal problems - lumbar and cervical, significant pain that has a big effect on my everyday living activities such as standing, sitting, walking; decreased mobility and function, I wen to Dr. Chen. I found him to be very knowledgeable, compassionate, and personable and above all, I found him to be a good listener. As a result, he was able to help me by NOT ONLY detecting what was causing my spinal problems but also recognize a significant area of muscle atrophy and inflammation that other doctors did not comment on. Finally, he was able to perform treatments that made a big difference in my walking!

I was so happy because with Dr. Chen's skill and knowledge, he was able to tailor his care to my specific needs. Believe me, that was not easy as I have a difficult problem that is chronic and several doctor's before him were unsuccessful. My physical therapy told me to "stick with Dr. Chen as he is the only doctor who has been able to help you!"

I suffer from chronic low back pain and severe leg and back pain with sciatica, multi-level disc bulging and a prior compression fracture of the lumbar spine. I have neurological symptoms such as foot drop on both legs, decreased muscle strength of major muscle groups, numbness and decreased sensation. My neck is also very painful and I have decreased strength in both arms as well as numbness / tingling in the hands. I have disc bulges and arthritis in the neck.

I have benefited from Dr. Chen's medical acupuncture - it helps with pain and inflammation. I have also benefited from steroid injections by Dr. Chen to help with pain and function. However, most of all, I have benefited by Dr. Chen performing PRP injections! Prior to my PRP injection, my physical therapist measured my functional ability to walk at only 800 steps first thing in the morning before I would lose leg function such that I could not take a step. By the afternoon, my muscles had fatigued so bad that I struggled to make it into Dr. Chen's office. I entered Dr. Chen's office struggling to walk and dragging both feet, even with assistive devices. 

A month or so after my PRP injection, I started noticing I had more endurance. My physical therapist measured my walking and noted that the number of steps I have take before my legs fatigued, more than doubled from the prior measurement! I made it to Dr. Chen's office in the afternoon and my feet were not dragging. I was so happy, I showed everyone in his office!

Due to my condition, my function will never get back to normal, however I definitely will continue to see Dr. Chen for acupuncture twice a week to help me with pain management and continue with the treatment plan, including PRP injections to help my function.

Thank you Dr. Chen! What a great physician you are! There is a good reason your waiting room is always crowded and your treatment rooms are full!

Pamela Green - September 6, 2017


“Dr. Chen is a fabulous doctor with very competent staff. He helps me remain mobile, manage my pain and sleep better. He is also promoting my body’s natural healing. Dr. Chen uses the best of Western and Eastern medicine to meet my specific needs. I have psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease.

Acupuncture and cupping as well as trigger point injections and periodic epidurals have allowed me to keep moving, manage my pain and keep inflammation down. The monthly Vitamin B12 shots help temper my severe fatigue.

PRP is helping to promote natural healing in my spine and neck. Despite my disease progression, the PRP steps the damage back. Thank goodness!! A real miracle. The reduced damage has helped reduce pain and regain some of my lost flexibility.

As my diseases progress, I am confident Dr. Chen will help me find ways to manage the pain, fatigue and inflammation, while minimizing further joint and soft tissue damage.” 

Laura Dubois - September 20, 2017


In 2015, Laura Dubois, a 92 year old grandmother, had difficulty getting out of bed. No chair in the house was comfortable. Taking evening walks was out of the question due to the constant pain in her lower back. Moreover, it was beginning to affect her positive outlook and sense of humor. Her life style was declining and the quality of life with family and friends was failing. Her family agreed that back surgery was not a viable option.

Her doctor, Richard Morgan, in Burlingame, California, recommended Dr. Yung Chen for an evaluation of her situation. Dr. Chen ordered the appropriate tests and decided that she was a strong candidate for PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy. She was happy to hear that Dr. Chen was experienced in this field. It reassured her that his treatment would work for her to get her back on her feet, happy, mobile, and traveling again without pain.

Within six weeks after Dr. Chen’s treatment, her symptoms vanished. She was able to walk without support. Her back pain had virtually disappeared. She returned to her old self; loving life, living with grace and energy. Subsequently, she began travelling again including a Mexican Riviera cruise and a trip to New Orleans. She’s now returned to working on her travel bucket list.

Two years later, Mrs. Dubois continues to be pain free and able to walk hundreds of yards without any problems. She’s enjoying family gatherings and taking up her hobbies again.

Thanks for Dr. Chen and his staff.

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