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What is Laser Touch One (LTO)?


LTO is a hand-held, portable pain relief device combining two proven therapies – low level (cold) laser and electrical stimulation.


How does LTO work?


Low level laser light penetrates the body’s tissue(s) where it is absorbed by cells and thereforth stimulates natural repair and healing processes to occur at the cellular level.  Electrical stimulation arouses nerves in affected areas to block pain receptors’ firing and to produce endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain relievers.  Muscle relaxes, circulation improves, and oxygen flow increases – all of which promotes natural repair and healing.


What types of conditions can LTO help improve?


LTO provides symptomatic relief from chronic pain, such as from post-surgical or post-traumatic acute pain, as well as provides temporary relief from minor chronic pain of musculoskeletal origin.  LTO can be used on many areas of the body to reduce pain, increase range of motion, and restore functions.  LTO can help improve conditions such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip and knee pain, muscle tension, general headaches, sprains and strains from soft tissue swelling, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and neuropathy.


Is LTO safe to use?


LTO a non-invasive and safe pain-reducing method if used properly. Most patients might feel minimal tingling sensations if at all in the areas of treatment during the sessions. 


Please Review: LTO Consent Form

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